Saturday, December 17, 2022

Vietnamese New Wave documentary movie

 Vietnamese New Wave documentary movie

Why I turned down my invitation to be in a
Vietnamese new wave documentary movie

Question from Wendy Nguyen

Good morning Shere, I’m also Vietnamese. I’m writing you because I have a popular friend who is a Vietnamese singer from the 80s. And early this year she was approached to do a New Wave movie documentary along with a few other Vietnamese new wave singers, although you are not listed. My Friend said, there are rumors that you rejected their invitation to join them. Can you please explain why? 

Answer one. Hello Wendy. Yes! You are right! I rejected their invitation for two reasons. 

Number one: I understood the Diaspora of Vietnamese in America and how the new wave became their salvation in the 80s. Instead, the filmmaker inadvertently is promoting more segregation between the Americans and Vietnamese. And I’m totally against that. And even though I took part in singing the same covered songs back in the early 80s. I was the only one who represented the Vietnamese to the Americans with my original new wave sound and no one else. Therefore, to be a part of this project would fall in the category of segregation, and I refused to continue to enable that behavior, so that’s one reason why I turned them down. 

Number two: 

Initially, the filmmaker wanted to gather all the Vietnamese singers who performed new wave songs in the 80s. So, even if you sang only one song, you were accepted in her new wave film. But, even more, disturbing was the fact that all the singers were going to be supporting their featured singer, Lynda Tran Dai. And, I strongly disagree with that issue, because Lynda was never known as a New Wave performer in the early 80s. All the Vietnamese knew her as a Madonna want to be, not new wave. I understand the filmmaker needs Lynda regardless of the truth, because Lynda is the most popular performer in the Vietnamese Community, and the filmmaker needs Lynda to draw attention to her movie documentary. And that is the second reason why I turned them down.   In closing, I will continue to represent the Vietnamese to the Americans with my new-wave original music, until the day I die, because, none of my people have the balls to do so. BTW! I am proud to be an American because they helped my country in war, and they opened their doors to help us. And I am also proud to be Vietnamese and I love my culture. So for those haters out there who disagree with me. All I can say is...where is your gratitude?

Sunday, December 12, 2021

New Wave - The Vietnam war is over

Merry Christmas Greetings

From Shere Thu Thuy

The Vietnam war is over. A Christmas song by John Lennon

Hello everyone! It's me, Shere Thu Thuy. So, it's that time of the Year and Christmas is around the corner. This year I decided to do a Christmas cover song by John Lennon from The Beatles called, "Happy Christmas (War is over)". But in Vietnamese. When I was a teenager growing up during the war of Vietnam. I never thought it would ever end or how it was going to end. And everyone I knew was worried about their future. And during this time, many people were protesting against the war calling for peace. And when the fall of Vietnam finally ended.

    The most indelible memory for me was on the first Christmas after that sad announcement. I remember turning on my little red transistor Sony radio and hearing John Lennon from The Beatles singing, "Happy Christmas, the war is over". And since then I promised one day I would like to sing that in my native language. So, today is that day. However, it took a lot of effort to translate English to Vietnamese. I say this, because of the many different expressions in the English grammar doesn't always match with the Vietnamese dialog.

BTW! Do you remember the Napalm girl on the front cover of the Los Angeles Times magazine? The depiction was of a little naked girl screaming and running out of a bomb exploration of her family's home. I have always wondered if she survived. Yes! She did survive and I included a snapshot of her and the photographer who took that famous photo. They say she was a huge influence to help end the war. The video interview with that girl today

   BTW! When I finished singing this song, I thought to myself. I am a Vietnamese and lived during the Vietnam war. And I wondered what John Lennon would say today to hear his song, sung by a Vietnamese native and in the Vietnamese language.  Special thanks to Eric Teggers for producing the recording and all my videos. Merry Christmas to all! ;-) Love ya! Oh! When you open this video in youtube, don't forget to subscribe and hit that like button. ;-)

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

New Wave

Booking a Vietnamese new wave 80's

performer in Hollywood

Good Morning! Today I would like to share another question from a fan on my Q&A section inside my website pages.

Question from Jackie Lee. Firstly, I love all your original songs both old and new. I have a lot of friends who remember you back in the '80s who have seen you perform live. And that is why I am writing you. So, when I heard that you had performed in little Saigon in Westminster Ca., at the local venues didn't surprise me that much. However, when I heard that in the '80s the majority of your performances were at all the local American Clubs in Hollywood Los Angeles CA. Now, that woke me up! I say this because in the 80s, Vietnamese did not perform to the Americans, especially in their local or popular nightclubs back then. Q: How did you get into the American nightclubs in Los Angeles? Q: And why did you perform to the Americans and didn't continue to perform in Little Saigon/Orange County?

Answer: Hello Jackie Lee. Yes! In the early 80s, most of my performances were in Los Angeles. So, to your first question, " How did I get to perform in these nightclubs?". This would have never been possible if I was a Karaoke singer like my Vietnamese colleagues who were all doing the popular cover songs back then in the late 70s and 80s. I had to learn the hard way. When I approached these nightclubs in Los Angeles I had learned that all the clubs in Hollywood would ask me the same question, " What kind of music are you doing?". And I was blown away to their reaction when I gave them my list of covers songs. They all laughed at me. There was even one booker who said, "Honey, if you want to play at my club, or at any club in Hollywood, you need originals and not a list of bull shit cover songs". Needless to say, I walked out disappointed, mad and confused because the Vietnamese nightclubs would gladly accept performers who did only covers. In fact, the Vietnamese nightclubs would reject you if you would say, 'I only do original music. Up until then, as a Vietnamese performing covers was the only way I knew how to make a living. And at the time I did have a few originals, although I didn't realize how important this was to get into the Los Angeles nightclubs. Here is a list of a few places I would frequently perform, Madam Wongs East in China Town, and Madam Wongs West in West Los Angeles, The Star wood, Gazzaris, The Roxy in Hollywood, Tonys on the Pier in Redondo Beach, and The Troubadour on Santa Monica Boulevard, in Hollywood Ca. ETC.

Answer: To your second question: Why did I stop performing to the Vietnamese Communities?. As I had mentioned several times throughout my music career particularly when I needed help. The Vietnamese music industry back in the early 80s all rejected me because I was not your typical music or Vietnamese performer. That is to say, my music was more Americanized and not customized to the Vietnamese standards of what they were listening to, or what they would accept at the time. They were looking for a Madonna Type singer and I definitely was the rebel to that fashion. And after the fact, I would come to realize at the time in the early 80s The Vietnamese Music industry was extremely limited in comparison to the American music industry. Therefore, when the Americans opened their doors to help my music career I had became more established beyond what the Vietnamese music industry could ever do for my career. And that's how it all happened. Check out my new video called,"I've got a crush on you" on youtube. Yo! Don't forget to subscribe or smash that like button.


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Saturday, October 30, 2021

Vietnamese Industrial Rock VS New Wave

Hello, this is Shere Thu Thuy.

Today, I am sharing a fan letter who submitted
his opinion to my music and career.
I thought it was hilarious. 
So, I thought to share
it with you guys. 

Before reading this blog.
The language in this commentary may contain a few rock star hair rising surprises!  So, read with caution.

#54. Anonymous - Hello there, I'm Vietnamese and a rocker at heart. And I'm here because my brother is a big fan of yours and he talks about you all the time whenever the word Vietnamese new wave is mentioned. So, here is my story. One day, he said I should listen to your stuff, and I laughed at him because I'm a die heart rocker, and there was no way in hell that I was going to listen to that new wave shit! Sorry! That's what I said. I think it was on a Sunday morning (my weed smoking day) I felt bored and I was high enough to check your website, and I thought. Oh No! Another Vietnamese trying to show off their karaoke cover songs. And then! I clicked on your Industrial rock section and said. Ok! What the hell is this? And I opened your page. I was so fucking blown away and couldn't tell if I was still on your website, or if the weed I was smoking was some cheap bullshit stuff I bought. Anyway! I checked out one of your videos on youtube and then I found myself suddenly addicted like a crack head on heroin. Holy shit! Your rock music really separates you from all those prima donna Vietnamese pretentious female wannabes. I even went to your ReverbNation website and now I'm in love and convinced, that you are some kinda genius. And your music and vocals as a rocker kicks major ass! There is no other Vietnamese female vocalist ever who can even dream to do what you do as a musician and performer. And yes! I compared your credits to the other so-called Vietnamese new wave legends. They all suck! And you look and smell like the real deal and your '80s new wave music separates you from all the other Vietnamese performers. And yes! I was fried enough to view your new wave music too! Although, I must confess, I had to take a few more hits from my super boss Ganga weed before I did this. And my brother was right! I have to agree, you are the true '80s Vietnamese original new wave queen. You got it sister! BTW! I'm a close personal friend of Lynda Trang Dai and if she hears me say, "you're the true '80s Vietnamese new wave Legend" she would kill me, along with her husband. You are too much Shere, and now I'm in love with you. However, I wish you were still doing that fucking cool ass rock stuff. 

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Vietnamese New Wave Music - Then and now

Vietnamese New Wave Music - Then and now

Shere Thu Thuy
                          Mega mix💋 featuring all my original songs from 2010 - 9/2021

As a Vietnamese recording artist of my generation...

The greatest compliment for any performer who creates original music is when musicians, DJ’s and other performers are playing or singing your songs. So, to all those who have been performing my music, I want to say, thank you for all your adulations and support. And yes! This video collection of songs and mixed styles are all my originals. For the record, I am a pop singer, and I write music in the following styles - "New wave, Italo disco, pop music, pop-rock, new wave rock, Vietnamese new wave, Euro music, Vietnamese, Pop Jazz, commercial, Euro Disco, and Rock". Special thanks to my composer Eric Teggers, who encouraged me to create more than one style of music. And yes, I designed all my costumes for all my videos.

You can purchase my music at this link

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Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Vietnamese New Wave - The VOPCO Family


Saigon Vietnam 👍 The VOPCO Family [Video Blog]

By new wave recording artist - Shere Thu Thuy

Hello out there!. I just finished my latest video blog. It was about time that I decided to introduce my family who all influenced me in my music adventure in my career. This blog is a short 7-minute introduction of my family, called the VOPCO family. And even though our family name is Nguyen, everyone in Vietnam called us by my Fathers Company name VOPCO. So, they would say, “Oh! There goes the VOPCO family”. People would even call my dad Mr. VOPCO or MR Tu. Saigon Vietnam is where my music roots all started with my father and brothers. I hope you will enjoy it. Special thanks to my manager Eric Teggers for creating this video blog. This is dedicated to my mom and my dad, Love ya all! Bye for now until next time!

Friday, July 30, 2021

Vietnamese New Wave Blog 👍 with English & VN translations 👍

New Wave Fans
Questions answered!

Gee! I'm hoping people will understand my sense of humor in this video blog. Otherwise, I'm going to lose a whole shit load of fans. LOL! Gulp! I was having a senior moment when I decided it was time to have a little fun. Let me know what you think? Did you get it? And if there was anything you found funny. Let me know? I would love to hear from you. Love ya!